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New iPhone hardware update rumours

More specs leaked through Chinese website
New iPhone hardware update rumours

The iPhone community will be amazed if June rolls past and there isn’t some kind of announcement regarding an iPhone hardware update, simply because of the sheer weight of rumours circling the net.

The latest batch come from Chinese website, which is reporting a few old chestnuts along with a couple of interesting additions to the new handset’s specifications.

Chief among them is the processor upgrade to 600MHz, which is very reasonable since a lot of people have reported a noticeable difference between the current iPhone and the iPod touch 2G. It also confirms the expected 32GB upgrade, and suggests the system RAM will be boosted to 256MB.

Other updates include a back lit home button, digital compass and a 3 megapixel camera with built in auto focus.

None of these claims are at all outrageous, so there’s a strong possibility that they’re genuine. It won’t be long before Apple’s up on stage and we know for sure.