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New Kickstarter project features a controller for mobile gaming

The team behind UDU Console hopes to make mobile gaming a more active hobby
New Kickstarter project features a controller for mobile gaming
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Danish tech and gaming start-up, UDU has announced the launch of its UDU Console and UDU Games app. Co-founder and CEO, Asbjørn H. Christensen, first thought up the idea for the project in 2018 whilst working as a designer and engineer at LEGO. The thought process behind the project was that games often render people supine and indoors when playing, whereas the UDU handheld device hopes to provide a new gaming experience that encourages more active and outdoor play.

The project is currently on Kickstarter, where it has accumulated £10,604 of the £17,553 goal. There are currently 35 days left for the project's funding which so far has 61 backers.

So, what does it do?

The UDU Console is intended to work with next-level motion controls and HD haptics. Players can seamlessly connect the device to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and then simply choose which game to play. The design is intended to be “Sleek, compact and ergonomic”.

Whilst the device is being aimed at all ages, it is apparent that there is a large emphasis on getting kids to play outdoors.The handheld device is water-repellent and has a robust design to cater to this more high impact style of play. The project utilises point-of-interest data and advanced algorithms to ensure that participation in outdoor play is safe, and away from dangerous areas such as highways.

UDU Games app

The project is also supporting the creation of a games app that is tailored for the UDU Console. The app is expected to utilise the mobility that mobile gaming has to offer, with most titles featuring geo-location technology similar to that present in Pokémon GO. The team is aiming to add over 100 games to the app over the coming years.

The app already features games such as Quest of Aoki, a monster-slaying game where the handheld device is used to control the character and swipe attacks at monsters. The app is expecting to see numerous additions next year and the team will be making it possible for other developers to create games for the platform.

The Kickstarter page lists a timeline for the project, dating back to last year when the patent for the device was filed and leading to April of next year when the aim is to see the first shipments of UDU Consoles.

As the future of gaming evolves, the industry will continue to see new ideas and innovations that attempt to adapt the way we play. Logitech recently announced its Logitech G Cloud handheld device, with Razor also announcing a new device, the Razer Edge 5G.