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New release roundup: The best new mobile games from Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile to CookieRun: Witch’s Castle

We highlight five new games that have broken cover and are all set to do big business
New release roundup: The best new mobile games from Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile to CookieRun: Witch’s Castle

Produced alongside our friends at - THE place to discover your next favourite mobile games - here's our pick of the best fresh-this-week titles.

While the deals and the stats of the gaming world are important, nothing would happen without the research, funding and, of course, development that goes into making a great game. brings you latest games, lets you see them in action and download right from the page.

So here are the most exciting new mobile games right now, the developers and publishers behind them, and why, exactly, they've made the cut.



If pixelated graphics, an 8-Bit soundtrack and some retro arcade action sounds like just the nostalgia trip you need, then look no further than Vermitron. This game’s a twin-stick shooter mixed with tower defence that gives players one key objective: protect your flower.

Players and their holo-pet companion must fortify their bases, buy items and do battle against the hungry bugs eager for a taste of the central flower, coming from all directions to acquire it.

Contrasting the retro graphics, this is all in the setting of a futuristic sci-fi world, where the importance of this flower is in it being the last one left from "Old Earth". Of course, this also means the bugs aren’t just hungry little caterpillars, but sci-fi cosmic horror pests.

Vermitron is the latest game in FobTi Interactive's growing library of retro titles, which includes Donuts ‘n’ Justice, Numgeon and Jet Set Knights.

Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile


Activision’s second Call of Duty game on mobile, Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile, has been a highly anticipated title ever since its reveal, and since its initial soft launch dating back to December 2022. 50 million people pre-registered for the game in the build-up to its official launch and now finally have battle royale action in the palms of their hands.

Iconic maps Verdansk and Rebirth Island return on mobile and XP earned in-game can be brought over to the original Call of Duty Warzone or Modern Warfare III. Weapons and progression can likewise be transferred from the original Warzone to the mobile version, although cross-play isn’t supported due to the variation in control schemes - which would be likely to cause imbalance between platforms.

Up to 120 players can compete at a time in this latest Activision title, with the company’s SVP and co-head of mobile Chris Plummer stating this mobile game is "the most ambitious" he’s ever worked on. In its first four days the game already made $1.4 million.

Chuck The Duck In: Crossy Seas


A city builder with an avian twist, Chuck The Duck In: Crossy Seas is a roguelike resource-gatherer game where failing a run is part of the fun. As is to be expected in the genre, through repetition players should gradually improve and keep each run going that little bit longer; by merging this idea with a city builder, players are incentivised to improve so that they can claim more resources for the aptly named Ducksville.

Keeping in-line with the duck theme, roguelike exploration takes place across the dangerous waters where players must tap and drag the screen to survive against the array of voxel sea creatures - sharks included.

Chuck The Duck marks developer TheoTGames’ second mobile release, following Bouncy Ball: Idle Clash in the vibrant aesthetics department, but forging its own path away from idle, casual gameplay and into the city builder world.

Boomerang RPG: Watch out, Dude!


"Let’s hunt some demons with boomerangs!" - One hundred years have passed since the Dude World was invaded by demonic forces, and it’s about time someone did something about it. So as the player, what else can you do but hunt those demons down? With boomerangs…

Super Planet’s latest launch is a slight shift away from the idle genre to the more hands-on and hugely monetisable RPG space, combining cartoony visuals with genre mainstays to make an all-around wacky mobile experience. This experience includes collectables to find, boomerangs to enhance, magical effects to test out and plenty of action for the Boomerang Dude to take on.

This is quite the tonal shift for Super Planet after its idle RPGs like Boori’s Spooky Tales and Lightning Princess, but it’s refreshing to see something so starkly different - right down to the zany animation style - with this chilled-out, apocalyptic Boomerang RPG.

CookieRun: Witch’s Castle


Hot off the $500 million+ success of CookieRun: Kingdom (according to AppMagic data), Devsisters is expanding the IP further with blast game CookieRun: Witch's Castle.

GingerBrave has escaped from the oven, and must navigate the castle, help others, and ultimately escape while avoiding dangers that lurk around every corner. As well as typical blast gameplay, the game includes boss battles and decorate mechanics to mix up the gameplay and keep players coming back. - Your Guide to Instant Entertainment is a collaboration between the Pocket Gamer team and domain name specialist Radix, who is behind the .fun domain designed specifically for the games industry. We've created a whole new site that's designed for people who just want to play the best games right away, whatever their favourite genre or mood.

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