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New release roundup: The best new mobile games from anime spin-offs to triple-A console conversions

We highlight five new games that have broken cover and are all set to do big business
New release roundup: The best new mobile games from anime spin-offs to triple-A console conversions
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In the .biz realm, we often find ourselves wrapped up in the investments, deals and stats of the gaming world (and rightly so), but it’s also important to highlight the games themselves - the fruits of the labour that can only appear after years of research, funding and, of course, development.

So here are the most exciting new mobile games right now, the developers and publishers behind them, and why, exactly, they've made the cut.

One Punch Man: World


What's it like to be able to take down your foes with a single punch? One Punch Man: World is an officially authorised RPG that adapts the popular anime series and immerses you into its world right from your mobile device. You can experience battling alongside fan-fave characters from the franchise with the game's deep combat system, with cross-platform data sharing to make sure you never lose your hard-earned progress.

The game also features plenty of arcade vibes as you chain together explosive combos across the fast-paced fighting system. You can team up with other players across the globe to take down epic bosses as well, because every now and then, two punches might just be better than one.

Death Stranding Director's Cut

With Hideo Kojima at the helm, you just never know what to expect. With Death Stranding Director's Cut, there's bound to be more surprises to uncover, and it's all possible on your iPhone.

You'll play as Sam Bridges as you connect the last remnants of humanity in a futuristic world, with the iOS version offering an impressive high frame rate along with a Photo Mode that lets you keep your most memorable moments from the game. You'll need to make sure you have enough space on your device though, as the initial download size is 13 GB, with additional downloads totalling 50 GB.

Yes, Your Grace


Managing your very own kingdom isn't easy and it's even harder when you've got arcane practitioners and Slavic monsters at your door. In Yes, Your Grace, you'll have to make the tough decisions that will keep your villagers safe and happy, all while making sure you've got enough supplies and resources to keep the medieval kingdom of Davern from crumbling down.

The kingdom management RPG also burdens you with your family's personal problems on top of petitioners' struggles. Thankfully, you can hire Hunters and even Witches to lend you a hand - that is, if you can figure out which ones have your kingdom's best interests at heart.

Caves of Lore


Caves of Lore feeds every RPG-lover's desire to go pixel-art questing and dungeon looting with its old-school visuals and tactical turn-based combat. You'll explore more than 20 areas filled with hidden secrets and unspeakable monstrosities lurking around every corner - thankfully, there are over 65 spells and abilities you can master to boost your survivability.

The game also offers a 6-character-capacity party, over 30 quests to take on, and more than 40 NPCs to encounter along the way across tactical grid-based battles.

From Eva With Green


From Eva, With Green is a charming new puzzle game that lets you nurture the titular "green" via unique pinball-esque mechanics, all presented with lovely minimalist visuals. Despite the obvious Eva Green reference, the game doesn't really seem like it has anything to do with Hollywood - instead, it immerses you into a wholesome world of flowers and flora with a heartwarming narrative to boot.

The game offers meditative vibes thanks to its evocative soundtrack, along with the satisfaction of helping characters find their peace as you collect mystical seeds and uncover the truth about the mysterious "Eva" along the way.