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New release roundup: The best new mobile games from the morality of AI to Dadish’s 3D journey

We highlight five new games that have broken cover and are all set to do big business
New release roundup: The best new mobile games from the morality of AI to Dadish’s 3D journey
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Produced alongside our friends at - THE place to discover your next favourite mobile games - here's our pick of the best fresh-this-week titles.

While the deals and the stats of the gaming world are important, nothing would happen without the research, funding and, of course, development that goes into making a great game. brings you latest games, lets you see them in action and download right from the page.

So here are the most exciting new mobile games right now, the developers and publishers behind them, and why, exactly, they've made the cut.

Neuronet: Mendax Proxy


AI is everywhere you look these days, so what cyberpunk city would be complete without it? Although, in Neuronet: Mendax Proxy, players aren’t just expected to interact with AI - they are the AI.

Built around themes of morality and decision-making, players are invited to explore just how human they are - managing the city Catena, building it up based on MindCore’s designs, and weighing up what’s most important. Should one agenda be supported and another supposed? What if the lawful thing to do isn’t in Catena’s best financial interest?

This power trip of a game comes from the human minds of Dream Harvest, both developer and publisher of Neuronet: Mendax Proxy. It’s a premium title with an upfront payment to gain full access, and it comes in at a quarter of Steam’s price on Apple and Google’s stores.

Dofus Touch


A reimagining of the 2016 MMORPG Dofus for PC, Dofus Touch has been reborn on mobile and brings the World of Twelve back after eight years. Unlike the original FLASH game, this shiny new mobile iteration was optimised for handheld through its design in HTML5/CSS, Javascript, and WebGL.

On the less technical and more gameplay-oriented side, Dofus Touch offers 15 characters classes to choose between and an immense number of maps to explore. 10,000 maps, in fact. And in classic RPG form, there are plenty of dungeons to explore too, with over 70 in total - spanning plenty of environments from luscious forests to fiery volcanic scapes.

Developer Ankama has styled Dofus Touch as the "biggest world on mobile devices", offering a free-to-play entry into this fantasy land.

Aurora Hills: Chapter 1


Novasoft Interactive presents Aurora Hills: Chapter 1, a point-and-click mystery tale infused with puzzles to solve both literally and figuratively. Players don the mantle of a 1980s park ranger in West Virginia, finding clues and exploring a visually spectular wprld in search of missing persons.

The catch is, those who disappear leave no trace behind.

Novasoft has released the first chapter of this tale for free to help curious players familiarise themselves with the game - and to get invested in the story - before jumping into a full purchase.

Dadish 3D


There’s 3D platforming and charming dialogue galore in Thomas K Young’s latest Dadish game, Dadish 3D. With 50 levels to complete, 49 baby radishes to rescue, and plenty of bosses to battle with the power of radishes and paternal instincts…there’s more than enough content to keep players in the third dimension for some time.

Building on its beloved sense of humour, Dadish 3D’s plot is something of a meta joke about advertising; the premise is to save toddlers from the dire threat of pop-up ads, after all.

Thomas K. Young released the original 2D Dadish in 2021, just over three years ago, sparking a series that’s spawned two numbered sequels plus Daily Dadish. Now Dadish 3D joins the ever-growing family.



Snake simply has to be the most quintessential mobile game out there, and in its latest iteration, Quetzi delivers the Snake experience in one of its most vibrant and colourful forms to date. Available now on iOS and Android, this title brings classic retro gameplay back to the forefront in a twist of nostalgia and modernity, alluring older gamers with a taste of the past while tempting youngsters with its bombastic brightness.

This time around, the snake is rather an Aztec feathered serpent called the Quetzalcoatl, and the aim of the game has evolved from eating fruit to putting the gods of the underworld in their place. The stakes have never been higher…

Pictoline Games developed Quetzi and it’s quite the departure from the team’s previous mobile game Dilemo - a multiverse trivia title. As for Quetzi’s visuals, Mexican artist Raul Urias is the man behind them, bringing a grand dose of character to 18 levels. - Your Guide to Instant Entertainment is a collaboration between the Pocket Gamer team and domain name specialist Radix, who is behind the .fun domain designed specifically for the games industry. We've created a whole new site that's designed for people who just want to play the best games right away, whatever their favourite genre or mood.

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