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New UK publisher PlayStack snaps up former Jagex, Space Ape and EA Mobile staff

UK outfit also signs publishing deal with Foxglove Studios
New UK publisher PlayStack snaps up former Jagex, Space Ape and EA Mobile staff
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New UK publisher PlayStack has made a string of new senior hires as it ramps up its operations.

The firm has recruited former NBC Universal Data Analyst Rupinder Khatkar in a similar role. She has also previously worked as a Billing Specialist at Jagex.

Ex-Space Ape Games UA Manager Will Newell has joined as Product Marketing Manager.

Brera Razzaq has also been hired as Project Manager, having previously worked as Senior Distribution Manager and Project Manager at EA Mobile and Marmalade. Razzaq will be responsible for building up relationships with developers and platform holders.

New games

As well as several hires, PlayStack has signed a publishing deal with mobile developer Foxglove Studios for its new real-time multiplayer heist game Snipers vs Thieves.

The title has just been released on Google Play Early Access and represents the second game PlayStack has added to its portfolio.

The publisher said it expects to announce more publishing deals by the end of the year.

“As soon as we played Snipers vs Thieves we wanted to be the publishing partner,” said PlayStack CEO Harvey Elliott.

“The team has spent countless hours playing the game and we’re looking forward to working with Foxglove Studios to give their game the launch it deserves.

"To ensure we deliver the best results for our developers we have expanded the team with those we consider to be experts in their field. Their combined experience means we can bolster our efforts in a number of areas and continue to pursue even more partnerships.”