Handango reveals its best mobile games of 2008

In terms of sales, we mean

Handango reveals its best mobile games of 2008
Smartphone app store Handango has published its 2008 Handango Yardstick report, rounding up some of the key trends and stats from the last year.

The company added 1,300 new content providers to its network during the year, and 10,000 new apps to its store, with an average purchase price of $20 per app.

No games made its overall Top Ten Best Sellers chart, which includes apps focusing on streaming TV, ringtones, file backup and today screens, among other subjects.

However, Handango says games accounted for 19 per cent of its top category sales in 2008 - up from 11 per cent in 2007. The company signed deals with the likes of EA Mobile, Capcom, Glu Mobile, Digital Chocolate and I-play during the year.

It's top ten best selling games across all smartphone platforms were:

1. Spb Brain Evolution 1.2

2. Aces Texas Hold'em - No Limit

3. Tetris

4. Guitar Hero 3 Mobile

5. Bejeweled

6. Aces Solitaire Pack

7. The Sims 2

8. Jewelrumble 2

9. Sudoku Puzzle Pack

10. Solitaire Buddy Gold

With the industry's current excitement about the potential for high-end smartphone gaming, it's worth noting the dominance of card and puzzle games in Handango's list - distinctly casual rather than hardcore.

It breaks out some more games stats in the full report. The average selling price of games on Handango was $12.69, for example.

But back to the genre thing: the three most popular game genres on Handango in 2008 were Arcade Puzzle, Card, and Word/Number, as the chart below shows.

The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition and BlackBerry Curve were the two most popular handsets for Handango in terms of both revenue and units sold, across all app categories.
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