FreeAppCalendar discovery website goes live

Brings voting system into play

FreeAppCalendar discovery website goes live
Free game discovery websites have been one of the big stories of GDC week, with FreeAppADay gaining five positions in the US free top 10, and OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day generating 1.6 million downloads of the Air Assault game in a week.

Bringing a voting system so consumers can decide on which games will go free is Mind Juice Media's freeAppCalendar, which has just gone live.

It's launched with 13 apps, and more are being added daily.

"Unlike some other sites, there's no charge for developers to participate in freeAppCalendar," says Ken Carpenter, Mind Juice's CEO.

"Developers will benefit from greatly increased exposure for their apps, and gamers benefit from the amazing free games and apps featured on the site. It's a win-win situation."

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