WWDC 2010: iDevice market is now 100 million strong

That's what Jobs' calls an addressible market

WWDC 2010: iDevice market is now 100 million strong
There may be increasing concerns about the fragmentation of Apple's iPhone OS - now renamed iOS to underline its more than phone nature - but the addressible market is growing fast.

According to Steve Jobs' WWDC 2010 keynote, the company is about to sell its 100 millionth iOS device.

It's a big number, particularly as it had been assumed that the total was around the 90 million mark - last we heard (April) 50 million iPhones, 37 million iPod touches and 2 million iPads was the limit.

Obviously all segments continue to experience explosive growth.

In addition, Jobs also pointed that across iTunes, App Store and iBooks, Apple holds the information of over 150 million credit cards that are "ready to buy your apps".

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