Tap.Me announces integration of its ad system within iOS and Android Unity games

Will be available via the Unity Asset Store

Tap.Me announces integration of its ad system within iOS and Android Unity games
US mobile ad start up Tap.Me has unveiled details about its achievements-focused advertising package that's currently being integrated into the Unity engine. 

It'll enable developers using Unity3D to monetise their products with a simple click on a Unity package. iOS and Android developers will be able to download the package from the end of November.

It's currently in a closed beta phase, being tested in existing mobile games.

Don't tack it on

"Our goal is to allow game developers to monetise their game design while they're developing their game systems rather than tack it on at the end," said Tap.Me's founder Joshua Hernandez.

"Because of the Unity Asset Store, Unity3D integration is made simple to those that choose to use it."

Tap.Me's Jared Steffes, leader of the project, spoke of its aims.

"Tap.Me knows that many developers put monetisation efforts from advertising at the end of the production cycle," he said

"Tap.Me creates a more engaging and accepted way for advertising to become a fun part of game play which is why we needed to create a plugin that allows Unity3D developers to think about monetisation from a design point, early in the development cycle."

Redbox, a US DVD rental firm recently joined Tap.Me's mobile ad platform, whilst a number of individuals including Seven Lights CEO Tim Harris and Ogilvy & Mather's Brandon Berger have formed an advisory board to guide future Tap.Me strategies.

For more information on Tap.Me and its services visit its website.

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