FGOL's Grabatron does 30,000 sales on Android Market in last 2 weeks of January

Promo push from Google does the business

FGOL's Grabatron does 30,000 sales on Android Market in last 2 weeks of January
Despite having launched back on 8 December, only now is Future Games of London shouting from the rooftops about the Android version of Hungry Sharks follow up Grabatron.

According to the studio's stats, the game hit the global top 10 on Android Market after a promo push by Google, eventually rising to a high of sixth place.

As a result, FGOL claims Grabatron amassed sales of 30,000 on Google's platform during the last two weeks of January.

Good company

"We're thrilled to be in such rarefied company as the likes of Doodle JumpGTA3Worms and Fruit Ninja currently in the Android top 10," said MD Ian Harper.

"And we've sold over 30,000 units of the game on Android Marketplace in the last two weeks of January, a level we've not seen before on this platform.

"With an amazing 5.9 million Android devices activated every week, we're incredibly happy to have such a breakthrough title so early in the year."

The Hungry Sharks franchise has amassed a total of 29 million installs to date, though a large portion of downloads were triggered when Future Games of London took the series freemium in August 2011.

Paying off

In contrast, Grabatron currently retails for $2.99/£1.99 on the App Store and 99c/64p on Android Market.

"We're already hard at work on further enhancements and updates to Grabatron," added creative director Chris Dawson.

"Expect to see some new spacecraft as in-app purchases and a host of new levels, unlocks and special features. Having both Hungry Shark and Grabatron in our portfolio is certainly setting us up for an exciting 2012."

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