Oberon Media rebrands as Iplay to reflect new drive

Distributor looking to deliver 'robust experience'

Oberon Media rebrands as Iplay to reflect new drive
Having long operated the I-play label, games distributor Oberon Media has announced a complete rebranding, with the company taking on the 'Iplay' name across its entire business.

The name change, which is effective immediately, is designed to reflect a sharpening of the company's operations.


Indeed, Iplay is keen to push new "technological improvements", with a new data analytics engine designed to target games at the right brand of players.

Tech talk

"Through this rebranding, we want to send a message to the marketplace that signals the fundamental and positive changes that have taken place in our company, further improving on the already exceptional services," said CCO Bob Hayes.

"The new leadership team has taken the company to the next level by improving on our technology and expanding both our game content and product offerings in order to deliver the most robust, highly targeted interactive game entertainment experience to consumers."

All such new technology comes about as a result of a migration to a new platform designed to deliver the "most robust experience possible."

In addition, support for a new range of game genres across Iplay's channel – including sports, action/arcades, simulation, indie games and card and casino – should help the firm reach out to wider audiences, and, potentially, a greater array of developers.

Iplay's first activity under its new guise, however, will come at Casual Connect in Seattle – which kicks off on 24 July – with the firm operating as a platinum sponsor.

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