Appy Pie launches cloud-based mobile Game Builder


Appy Pie launches cloud-based mobile Game Builder

US/Indian cloud development services vendor Appy Pie has announced that it's making its Game Builder platform available to the public.

The DIY mobile game builder enables anyone with an idea to create a simple 2D mobile game for free - with no programming experience required.

Powered by HTML5 and JavaScript, Game Builder has been in an beta state since January 2014, but it's already seen more than 500 games produced by its community with the most popular type being Flappy Bird-inspired casual games.

You can see an example using "everyone's favourite Italian bird" as the main character

Three steps to success

One of the biggest draws of Game Builder is that it allows designers to bring their mobile games to life in three quick steps.

First, they select a game type out of a list of genres and give it a name. After that, the designer can customise the game with personal photographics, graphics, or other images.

Finally, the game is submitted to the App Store or Google Play for approval. Games created through Game Builder are, by nature, cross platform compatible since they're HTML5-powered.

Designers who opt for Appy Pie's approach can also monetise their games by via iAds and AdMob, while depending on the services required, costs range from free to $33 per month

Speaking on Game Builder, Appy Pie founder Abhinav Girdhar stressed the importance of its HTML5 underpinnings.

"Appy Pie's driving mission is to make the entire app creation process effortless and enjoyable, where anyone can create a mobile app in 3 easy steps," Girdhar began.

"The public launch of Game Builder is an extension of that goal and we're looking forward to seeing the plethora of mobile games generated on our Game Builder platform, the world's first cloud-based mobile game creator with HTML5 technology."

[source: Appy Pie]

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