Russian powerhouse Game Insight relocates HQ to Lithuania

Corporate flexibility

Russian powerhouse Game Insight relocates HQ to Lithuania

Russian F2P mobile developer and publisher Game Insight has moved its global headquarters to Vilnius, Lithuania.

It's only 500 miles from its previous Moscow base, but the key corporate aspect of the move is that Lithuania is part of the European Union.

Given recent geopolitical and business tensions between Russia and the EU and US, that could be an important step for Game Insight, which raised $25 million in VC money in February 2013.

Although CEO Alisa Chumachenko recently told, the company has no plans to seek an IPO, the move does give the company more flexibility should it rethink its approach in future.

Heading west

The new headquarters will be responsible for all international operations, marketing, business development and game development management.

Game Insight's 15 development teams will remain in Russia, however.

"The moving of Game Insight's office to an EU country is intended to consolidate Game Insight's position as a global company, as well as to strengthen its presence in Europe, one of the key markets," said Chumachenko, commenting on the move.

"It's a very important step for us, and I will personally lead the development of the headquarters in Vilnius."

Game Insight generates 28 percent of its revenue from Europe and the region has 26 percent of its player base, both of which are higher than the industry average.

The move follows the closure of the company's San Francisco office, which handled business development and marketing in North America, earlier in 2014.

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