Pint and publishing deal: Remedy and Flaregames sign Agents of Storm contract in London pub

Three quid well spent says Remedy CEO

Date Type Companies involved Size
September 26th, 2014 partnership Flaregames
Remedy Entertainment
Not disclosed
Pint and publishing deal: Remedy and Flaregames sign Agents of Storm contract in London pub

Having recently raised $12 million, German F2P developer-turned-publisher Flaregames is on an game acquisition spree.

And it's just added Alan Wake developer Remedy to a co-development and publishing list that already includes US developers SubAtomic Studios (Fieldrunners), Fuzzycube (Epic Loot) and Superweapon.

We've known that Remedy has been working on a F2P character-heavy mobile game for years.

Called Agents of Storm, it's described as a 3D action-strategy game that has you building an island base and leading a team of agents to save the world from the evil Chimera Corporation.

It's set to launch on iOS devices globally this fall.

Cheers and sign on the dotted line

As for the deal itself, Flaregames' CEO Klaas Kersting called it the "was the fastest deal ever".

"Matias [Myllyrinne] and I met over a beer in a London pub, talked shop and agreed the terms right there. We both love and understand games - that makes for a great common ground."

A happy Myllyrinne (hat) and Kersting

"Buying Klaas a beer was three pounds well spent. Turns out that Flaregames is the perfect partner to help us excel with our newest mobile venture," added Remedy CEO Myllyrinne.

"For us, first and foremost, a good partnership is about mutual respect and understanding. flaregames bring so much more to the table with a seasoned team of professionals with a track record of scaling mobile games."

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