Laid off Natural Motion employees crowdfund new company

QA team take matters into its own hands

Laid off Natural Motion employees crowdfund new company

QA employees affected by the Natural Motion layoffs reported last weekare banding together to form a new company of their own.

Fittingly, their new firm is being christened Silver Lining QA and is being crowdsourced through Indiegogo.

The fundraising page “Redundancy Sucks!!!” is looking to scrape together $30,000 to get the QA company off the ground, and at the time of writing has raised $310 between ten backers.

Every cloud

Natural Motion made the redundancies as part of wider cull across their parent company Zynga of 364 jobs. 

If the campaign is successful, Silver Linings hopes to use the funds to secure office space, buy equipment, and keep its staff stable for between two and three months.

“I know a little about business and have always have had a business mind,” the group’s organizer Luke May told Pocket

“I had no intention of starting my own outsourcing company until I was made redundant - and even at that point it wasn't until I looked around the room and see all my good friends and great testers so unhappy.

“That made me decide ‘I can and need to help these people.’ So by using all my redundancy pay, I’m now starting an outsourcing company to give as many people as I can jobs before their lives are turned upside down.”

You can fund Silver Linings QA by heading over to their Indiegogo page here.

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