Gardenscapes developer Playrix soft-launches sequel Homescapes

Currently on iOS in Canada

Gardenscapes developer Playrix soft-launches sequel Homescapes

Gardenscapes developer Playrix has soft-launched a new entry in its "-scapes" series called Homescapes.

The game was first soft-launched on July 26th 2017 in Canada. It is currently only available on iOS.

Homescapes appears to play much like its predecessor Gardenscapes, with players engaging in match-3 puzzles to progress. It will feature interior decorating instead of the landscaping found in the previous game.

Make yourself a home

It will also feature numerous characters, including returning main character Austin. The game will rely on a strong narrative to retain players and keep them pressing on through the levels.

Playrix isn't a huge name in the mobile games industry, but its games are certainly popular. You can find out more about the studio's relatively quiet rise to success in our Charticle on the developer.

Gardenscapes has become its flagship title after pivoting from hidden object to match-3 when it launched on mobile. The game is now set to be released in China following a partnership with iDreamSky.


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