News’s new streaming app Fluxr will promote Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds esports

Streaming platform’s new app is looking to grow the mobile esports market’s new streaming app Fluxr will promote Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds esports’s new mobile live streaming app called Fluxr has partnered with Tencent and PUBG Corp to promote Battlegrounds esports.

Fluxr’s first major collaboration with these two companies will see the platform promote PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile through in-app activations and real-world esports tournaments.

Fluxr hopes to grow the small mobile esports scene by running online and offline tournaments through the app. Tencent plans to continue exploring avenues for growing the space, with Fluxr a key partner in the North American side of the market.

On The Go

“Gaming has become one of the top drivers of growth for, so we saw an exciting opportunity to spin off the gaming channel into its own platform to give gamers and viewers a richer experience,” said CEO and founder Yuki He.

“With the boom of mobile games and professional esports, we’re leveraging our experience and resources in the live streaming space to deliver interactive user experiences and innovative new features through Fluxr.”

While currently run a PC browser streaming service, Fluxr is looking to boost the visibility of mobile esports. Users will still be able to view PC and console streams, but the app will focus on highlighting mobile titles like PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, Roblox, Clash Royale, Minecraft, and Fortnite.

Fluxr has been optimized for mobile streaming, with a one-button system for going live. Like, streamers can earn money through virtual gifts that carry cash value.

“We truly believe the future of gaming is mobile, and we are committed to building a strong ecosystem of mobile gamers and audiences worldwide,” said He.

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