Hatch is offering Deutsche Telekom subscribers in Germany limitless gaming data

Mobile provider's StreamOn program expands to include Hatch's streaming catalogue of games

Hatch is offering Deutsche Telekom subscribers in Germany limitless gaming data

Deutsche Telekom’s SteamOn program has expanded to include game streaming service Hatch.

StreamOn allows customers the ability to stream music and TV without worrying about data costs. With this partnership, games can be added to that list.

Hatch is a mobile game-streaming service that offers download-free access to mobile titles like Sonic Jump, Monument Valley and Crashlands.

The software is currently in Google Play Early Access in a number of countries, but German Deutsche Telekom customers should no longer need to rack up data charges accrued through streaming.

A representative for Hatch told us that while this service is currently only available in Germany, the company is looking at similar data-free partnerships in other countries as part of its strategy.

Open the hatch

“We are often asked how much mobile data is required to play games on Hatch, and it’s clearly a major concern for many consumers,” said Hatch co-founder Vesa Jutila.

“Although our bandwidth requirements are mild when compared to HD video streaming, for example, the StreamOn program gives our players total peace of mind and helps pave the way forward to a new era of game streaming anytime and anywhere. We’re proud and honoured to participate.”

Deutsche Telekom group business development & partnering senior manager Alexander Krappe added: “We started StreamOn to give our subscribers carefree enjoyment of streaming video and music, and consumers clearly value the ease and convenience of experiencing games in the same way.

“As a pioneer in this space, Hatch is a great partner to move forward with and take cloud gaming mainstream. We’re excited to offer our subscribers the opportunity to play great games anytime, anywhere with no limits.”

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