43% of influencers paid to do a sponsored video for a game will do it again for free

Nevaly MD looks into the benefits of sponsored videos

43% of influencers paid to do a sponsored video for a game will do it again for free

42.98 per cent of influencers will make an additional video for a game after being paid for the first one.

That’s according to data from influencer marketing firm Nevaly, whose MD David Kim was speaking at Quo Vadis 2019.

During his talk, he covered many of the benefits of using sponsored video content online to promote your game.

He noted virtues that set sponsored videos apart include:

  • A user chooses to watch them. Roughly 50 per cent of views come from a user who picks what to watch - the level of exposure is far less scalable but the value is much deeper because it was picked
  • Watch time. The average length of a video is 18 minutes. The average amount consumed is six minutes
  • Rarity. The average person is hit with 5,000 advertisements per day. Most influencers will only produce three to six branded videos per month
  • Depth of exposure. The detail with which they showcase a product cannot be matched by advertising.
  • Intent. YouTube is where (young) people go to spend leisure time. Their mental state is primed for slow content consumption.

Why sponsored videos are powerful, according to David Kim

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