Google officially reveals $799 Pixel 4

The first mobile device to feature a radar sensor

Google officially reveals $799 Pixel 4

At Made by Google 2019, the highly anticipated Pixel 4 mobile device was revealed.

Vice president of product management Sabrina Ellis announced the device, which will retail at a starting price of $799.

However, no release date was mentioned during the live stream.

The new device will be available in two sizes - both support the same features, size being the only difference - and three colours, black, orange and white.

Google has introduced a new way for its users to manage their personal data. Device owners need only ask the phone’s assistant to delete their data from that day or week - or however much they would like to remove.

Eligible device owners will be entitled to three months of free use of Google’s subscription service, Google One.

A mobile-first

It is the first mobile phone to feature a radar sensor - making the device sensitive to movement. For example, you can wave your hand across the screen to answer a call or change a song.

The function means users don’t need to touch the screen to unlock the phone through face lock. It is worth noting that the new feature is optional, and can be switched off..

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