Luna Labs launches new video ad optimisation tool Replay

It automates production and editiong for videos

Luna Labs launches new video ad optimisation tool Replay

Luna Labs has launched a new workflow optimisation tool called Replay.

It is designed to automate the production and editing of gameplay videos for mobile studios. The tool will allow users to create variations of its video without the need to re-record the footage.

For example, after having recorded a video, studios can alter and change camera angles, character skins, visual effects and the environment through automatic generation with Replay. A seven-day free trial is on offer for new sign-ups to the optimisation tool.

Removing bottlenecks

"Video creatives are the biggest drivers of growth for any game studios today, yet there’s a consistent bottleneck and inefficiency when it comes to producing them," said Luna Labs CEO Steven Chard.

"With Replay, we can address those challenges and enable studios to produce significantly more ads in a fraction of the time it previously took them - freeing up more hours for testing and making data-driven decisions."

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