Installs by mobile players have increased by 84 per cent according to Unity

Ad impressions have increased by 50 per cent

Installs by mobile players have increased by 84 per cent according to Unity

The number of installs made by mobile players has increased by 84 per cent according to a report by Unity.

Before COVID-19 hit, there was already a 13 per cent year-on-year increase in mobile app downloads, but that number skyrocketed as countries entered lockdown in early March.

As a result of the high number in installs, the amount of ad impressions – specifically after March 8th – made in mobile games has increased by 50 per cent, with ad revenues up by 59 per cent year-over-year.

Adding up

Meanwhile, the number of ads viewed by players who regularly watch them had increased by 14 per cent. On average, one user will watch three-to-four videos a day in a mobile game, at an average of 3.3. However, that number rose to 3.8.

Furthermore, the click-through rate for mobile games ads went up by 34 per cent when compared to 2019. On top of this, conversion rates from ads to installs has also risen; it is up 23 per cent year-on-year.

To top it all off, the average cost per install has dropped by 33 per cent, which makes new users a lot more affordable.

Industry advantages

"Traditional advertisers and marketers have experienced whiplash as the global economy ground to a halt, resulting in many companies freezing digital spend to protect already rapidly dissipating budgets, and to not be branded insensitive to increasingly disengaged consumers," said Julie Shumaker, Vice President, Advertiser Solutions, Unity Technologies.

"Game developers though have enjoyed an increased performance from existing budgets, as CPIs have decreased, allowing them to gain more users through their existing budget spend. The reality is more people are gaming, and this captive audience is not only engaged for longer periods of time but also spending in-game at rates typically seen around the holidays.

"With ad experiences that offer higher interaction rates, games offer a nearly unparalleled action-oriented consumer that will be critical for brands as they look to resuscitate sales in the second half of the year."

All about survival

Shumaker added: "Marketing and advertising adaptation will be the key to survival - not just for game developers, but for brands and retailers who can strategically evolve their approach to these new and changed consumer behaviours.

"Those that understand the value of the gaming audience, and who can incorporate game advertising into their digital spends now will be further ahead of their competition when consumers find a post-pandemic balance."

At Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #2, Unity Technologies head of managed accounts EMEA made some bold predictions for H2 2020.

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