Mobile is the primary platform for developers in the UK

Mobile is the primary platform for developers in the UK

Mobile was the primary platform for games developers in the UK this year, according to trade body TIGA.

Currently, 39 per cent of UK-based studios have a mobile focus. However, that number has dropped from 49 per cent that was seen in 2013. On the end of the scale, nine per cent of developers have a VR and AR approach.

Meanwhile, mobile studios account for 21 per cent of development staff found across the UK. It comes in behind both console and PC, which boast 46 per cent and 28 per cent of developers, respectively.

Up and down

"Mobile remains the most popular platform for UK games studios, but the proportion of UK development studios focused primarily on this category has been steadily falling, from 49 per cent in 2013 to 39 per cent in 2020," said TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson.

"It is relatively easy to develop and launch a game on mobile, but the downsides are significant discoverability, commercial and competitive challenges."

"The popularity of Virtual and Augmented Reality amongst UK studios has increased markedly over the last four years. Nine per cent of all UK studios are now primarily focused on VR and AR, up from just 2 per cent in 2016."

Recently, it was found that around 80 per cent of developers in the UK work outside of London.

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