Mobile app Roshambo Live picked up by ITV for pilot live TV show

ITV's Studio 55 cited the game as a potential 'media landscape gamechanger'

Mobile app Roshambo Live picked up by ITV for pilot live TV show

Live tournament app Roshambo Live has been plucked by ITV to be adapted as a live TV show. 

Studio 55 Ventures, a sidearm of the broadcasting giant, plans to create a pilot version of the app, which is developed by Live Tech Games.

Roshambo Live is a free, competitive app that allows players to take part in real-time tournaments of rock, paper, scissors. The tournaments begin at a certain time, so everyone can take part at once as a live experience. Users can also win prizes if they triumph, including cash, products, and other experiences.

Following the selection, the pilot will receive a large cash injection to support its development. ITV mentors will work alongside Live Tech Games to create the show. It will either become a stand-alone programme or an extension of an existing one. 

"From the very start of the process it was obvious that the synergies between our two companies truly resonate at a strategic level," said Nathan Moore Co-Founder of Live Tech Games.

"Entertainment spans way beyond the television set and is now mostly on mobile. This is exactly why ITV set up the Studio 55 program; to invest in the best tech ideas that will ensure it remains at the forefront of digital entertainment. With mobile games playing such a fundamental role in the future of entertainment and ITV being famous for captivating live audiences, our partnership seamlessly delivers on this strategic objective."

Taking flight

"Commercially, this unlocks new sponsorship opportunities, attracts new audiences and supports ITV’s advanced advertising strategy by accelerating their addressable advertising capabilities," said Samuel Worsley, co-founder of Live Tech Games.

"Following a successful pilot, we have huge plans for new games – all utilising our Live Tech Games platform and live gaming engine that we’ve spent the past 18 months developing. We will continue to make super simple, yet highly addictive games, which enable our players to go head-to-head against each other, for free, to win exciting prizes."


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