Zynga opens pre-registration for FarmVille 3

Players can flock to the game on November 4th

Zynga opens pre-registration for FarmVille 3

Zynga has opened worldwide pre-registrations for its upcoming title, FarmVille 3.

FarmVille 3 will feature over 150 breeds of animals from chickens and cows to tigers and alpacas. Players will be able to adopt, nurture and raise infant animals to be rewarded with unique farm items to assist them.

FarmVille 3 will also feature an in-game weather system that players can use to their advantage, such as to boost the yield of their next harvest or fishing trip.

The game first entered soft launch in July 2019 in the Philippines and Thailand and was slowly rolled out in additional countries, including Australia, Denmark, the UK.

FarmVille 3 will launch worldwide on November 4th, 2021 on iOS and Android, as well as Apple devices equipped with the M1 chip.

It ain't much, but it's honest work

Returning from FarmVille 2, players will be joined by Marie and a diverse cast of farmhands each with their own set of skills, such as baking, fishing, and lumberjacking.

"Twelve years ago, FarmVille burst onto the gaming scene, creating a loyal following that has drawn over 700 million installs for the FarmVille series worldwide,” said Zynga president of publishing Bernard Kim.

"Today, we are thrilled to open pre-registration for FarmVille 3. The game has been uniquely designed to captivate the imagination of the many players who have enjoyed FarmVille over the past decade, as well as the enthusiasm of a new generation of gamers.”

Within the first two weeks of the worldwide release, players who downloaded the game will receive a special starter kit that contains interactive welcome features, such as decorative elements.

Players can pre-register or find out more about FarmVille 3 here.

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