Zynga announces TikTok-exclusive music dance game Disco Loco 3D

Now entering soft launch

Zynga announces TikTok-exclusive music dance game Disco Loco 3D

Zynga has announced its TikTok games Disco Loco 3D will enter soft launch exclusively in select markets.

Disco Loco 3D is a single player endless runner game with music and dance elements, in which players dance to funk music and collect medallions before they reach the end of the catwalk while challenging others.

There is a Fever Mode where dance moves are used to swipe away approaching objects.

It's also the first HTML5 game developed for TikTok by an official game studio partner.

“We see a tremendous opportunity to reach new audiences across the globe through TikTok’s massive and unparalleled user base,” commented Bernard Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga.

“Zynga has a rich history of creating games that utilise platforms’ unique user experiences to bring fresh and fun concepts that resonate with players wherever and whenever they get their entertainment.”

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