Game Insight to bring casual games portfolio to desktop and web

Currently has five games playable on its site

Game Insight to bring casual games portfolio to desktop and web

Lithuania-based mobile developer Game Insight has revealed that it will launch desktop and web versions of its casual games portfolio.

Currently, Airport City, The Tribez, Paradise Island 2, Mystery Manor, and Solitaire: Treasure of Time can be played and downloaded from the firm’s website.

Recent releases from Game Insight are fully cross-play and allow users to continue their game and play with friends across other supporting platforms.

For Airport City, Game Insight partnered with browser gaming platform which allows the game to be embedded on any website.

Opening the gateway

In addition to playing games in a browser, users can add the game to their desktop which can provide a higher resolution and ultra-wide monitor support.

Game Insight stated at a recent company keynote that the firm is committed to continue to "expand authentic player-to-player interactions" across its casual games portfolio throughout 2022.

"Open Web is a gateway to new player-to-player interactions and business models that are currently locked down by the traditional platforms," said Game Insight CEO Anatolijs Ropotovs.

You can access the current roster of games available in browser via Game Insight's website here.

Game Insight’s longevity demonstrates the power of free-to-play as a basic framework that can retain and monetise millions of players for decades, earning it a place on the Top 50 Mobile Game Makers of 2021.

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