Playstack launches Interact SDK for less interruptive mobile game ads

Offers three methods of non-interruptive ad monetisation

Playstack launches Interact SDK for less interruptive mobile game ads

UK publisher Playstack has revealed the launch of its new adtech SDK called Interact.

Interact gives users real-world redeemables when they interact with in-game advertisements, as opposed to traditional ads, such as banner ads.

Playstack claims that Interact offers a "better, less interruptive" way of integrating ads into mobile games, which play an increasingly important role in monetisation.

In addition to real-world rewards, Interact provides more alternatives to traditional ads, including virtual display advertising and full level takeovers.

Furthermore, Playstack has stated that Interact will allow developers to cross-promote their own games.

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"Serving ads to gamers has increasingly become like the Wild West," said Playstack CEO Harvey Elliott.

"Players are seeing ads interrupt their mobile gaming experience, causing people to skip them, ignore them, or even churn from the game completely. We intend to change that.

"Our ethos compels us to search out better ways to serve both developers and players - so we’re thrilled to launch Interact as a serious alternative for integrating advertising into games."

In other mobile ad news, AudioMob has partnered with Amazon Web Services to create in-game audio ads that allow advertisers to tailor the target demographic.

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