Together Labs launches blockchain subsidiary MetaJuice

Starting out in the IMVU metaverse

Together Labs launches blockchain subsidiary MetaJuice

Together Labs has launched a new blockchain firm named MetaJuice, a company looking to bring Vcoin, Vcore, and NFTs to the market.

Vcoin is the first digital asset that the MetaJuice team has launched, with Vcore having been announced as a token by which users can participate in the direction of the metaverse going forward.

The goal with MetaJuice is to enable users across all platforms within the metaverse to earn and own assets.

Starting its launch of said assets in the IMVU metaverse – a platform which Together Labs has stated has more than one million daily users – MetaJuice is also scheduled to launch in WithMe, Together Labs’ new metaverse, somewhere down the line.

Platform participation

"The vast majority of metaverses today are closed or walled platforms creating barriers for users to earn and experience true ownership," commented Together Labs CSO and MetaJuice president John Burris.

"Leveraging blockchain technology, MetaJuice will unlock the full value of the metaverse for users and create a path for users not only to participate in but actually shape the future of metaverse."

Together Labs CEO Daren Tsui added: "We will continue to lead the way with the introduction of our new blockchain entity and cutting-edge digital currencies and NFTs. We will focus first on blockchain enabling our platforms and then take that experience to enable all users to seamlessly move and transact across worlds."

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