PocketGamer Connects London – editor's picks on unmissable speakers

PG Connects takes place on February 14-15 in central London

PocketGamer Connects London – editor's picks on unmissable speakers

It almost seems unreal, but yes: Pocket Gamer Connects London Live returns on February 14-15 in central London. In just seven days, you can join the Pocket Gamer team and hundreds of attendees from across the world in making our return to live events. If this is the first time you’ve heard of it – then frankly, we haven’t been doing our jobs properly – you can register for the event here: trust me, you do not want to miss out.

There are two packed days with over 200 speakers sharing their thoughts and expertise on every facet of the mobile games industry. You can check out the conference overview, which can be displayed according to schedule or speaker, but we wanted to share some choice picks of unmissable panels and events.

Off Trend: Creating Mission-first, Trend-second Games from Playtra’s Dan Bernardo
February 14, 09:30 GMT

No one makes games to follow the crowd, but to set their own path. Bernardo promises his most intimate and personal presentation yet, discussing the importance of fulfilling your own passion and actionable advice based on years of industry experience. spoke with him on this teaser interview, and we're swayed. Check out his presentation and see for yourself.

A Global Success Case Study: PUBG Mobile TR from Tencent’s Aras Senyuz
February 14, 11:30 GMT

Games are international, and you should be too. PUBG Mobile is one of the most successful mobile games in Turkey, and you can listen to Senyuz outline the importance of localisation and local marketing in asserting its dominance. Check out this interview about his PG Connects presentation, cultural sensitivity, and Turkey's commitment to esports.

Skill Point Available: EDI Proficiency from Square Enix’s Shanzay Usama
February 14, 16:00 GMT

Despite the evidence that racial and ethnically diverse management leads to greater financial returns, the games industry is less likely to see minorities in higher management positions. Usama will deliver a passionate and data-rich discussion about the benefits of creating a progressive team culture with equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). While we didn’t have a chance to speak this year (Shanzay, I know you’re busy but come on), you should see this 2021 interview for more.

Why Aren’t More Brand Advertising $$$’s Being Spent in Gaming? from Gadsme’s Simon Spaull
February 14, 16:20 GMT

That’s a good question. Spaull profiles the untapped potential of in-game advertising, details the critical misconceptions around games advertising and sponsorship, and what form branding opportunities will take in the future. What to know more about what an in-game Coca-Cola sponsorship might look like? Check out this interview on his presentation.

Regulation of F2P – What Does This Mean for Mobile Games? from Wiggin LLP’s Isabel Davies
February 15, 09:30 GMT

Free-to-play regulations are shaping up around the world, and they will be critical to your future success. Davies gives a whistle-stop update of regulations over the past couple of years, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and where the regulators’ eyes may gaze next. You can check out this interview for a sneak peek at what she’ll discuss.

Green Live Ops with Jennifer Estaris, ustwo games, Deborah Mensah-Bonsu, Games for Good, and Roxanna Muntean, Ubisoft
February 15, 15:20

A fireside panel between chaired by Estaris will discuss the achievements of the UN’s Playing for the Planet programme, encouraging eco-friendly activations in games and making a positive impact on the world. Frankly, in this day and age, that’s something we should all aspire towards. Estaris also gave her thoughts on the most pressing issues in the mobile games industry here.

The Metaverse can change our online interactions – if built on principles of safety and civility from Roblox's Laura Higgins
February 15, digital presentation

The metaverse almost seems an inevitability. But if it is to become the next station for social and shared experiences, it must do so with the users' safety in mind. Roblox’s Director of Community Safety & Civility, Laura Higgins, will discuss the work that goes into building a safe and civil metaverse, and the vision for more civil online communication.

Our illustrious speakers are the true draw for PG Connects London, but the PocketGamer and Steel Media teams have a lot to share too, including:

The Very Big Indie Pitch
Mobile: February 14, 14:00–17:00 GMT
PC and console: February 15, 10:00–13:00 GMT

The speed dating format meets indie developers, what could possibly go wrong? Very little, in fact, as we bring the latest Big Indie Pitch to the live setting. Bring your games to an expert panel of judges for critical feedback, prizes, and promotional packages.

The Journalist Bar
February 14-15, 14:00–16:00 GMT

Want to show us your projects, talk about the latest trends, and share your thoughts with both the and .biz teams? Morning appointments can be booked here, and there will be a journalist stationed for walk-ins in the afternoon. Be polite, it’ll be my first time.

The Global Connects Party
February 14, 19:30–late

Don't you lie to me, I know [many in] the games industry likes a drink. But really, it's a true chance for us to meet each other again after some distant years, catch up, and talk until the London sky turns from night to reddish-overcast. It's not quite a Madrid rooftop bar, but there'll be table tennis and, most important of all, each other.


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