Ludo launches Image Generator to provide game devs with artwork inspiration

Free beta available to allow studios to experiment with new features

Ludo launches Image Generator to provide game devs with artwork inspiration

AI games firm Ludo has revealed the beta launch of its latest AI tool, the Image Generator.

The purpose of the Image Generator is to provide game developers with icon and artwork inspiration based on search parameters. The free beta release will give studios the opportunity to experiment with new and unique features.

Scanning millions of gaming images, the new feature uses machine learning and generates images based on keywords or game title searches.

Inspiration from AI

"With the game development market growing exponentially, and Ludo’s wide array of tools becoming more accessible than ever before, the possibilities are endless," said Ludo CEO and founder Tom Pigott.

"The Image Generator is the newest addition to Ludo’s productivity toolkit. It allows users to tap into their creative side and generate their own content, drawing inspiration from the platform’s vast database of gaming images and artwork."

Paid tiers are also available to help businesses expand the toolset’s functionality, and Ludo’s Game Ideator also now features "instant feeling lucky generations" generating inspiration at random without inputs.

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