GameRefinery and CrazyLabs begin developer challenge with prizes up to $35,000

Testing marketability and retention

GameRefinery and CrazyLabs begin developer challenge with prizes up to $35,000

GameRefinery and CrazyLabs have today launched the Crazy Hyper Challenge, an advertising challenge for hypercasual mobile game developers with up to $35,000 available in cash prizes.

The challenge will see developers submit their mobile games on CrazyLabs’ Clik Dashboard platform for testing. These games will then be judged as to whether a collaboration can be entered between companies.

One crucial rule is that submitted games must not already be present on the App Store or Google Play Store. They also cannot be iterative of games already on these stores.

Studios can submit as many tests as they choose, without a limit on the number of games. Where a submission successfully passes CrazyLabs’ tests and is approved before July 16 2022, developers will be entitled to a 55 per cent share of net revenue for one year.

With the Clik Dashboard, they will also be able to control the game testing process and have full data access. CrazyLabs will provide ongoing feedback, and the first 40 studios that pass marketability and retention tests will receive 90 free days’ usage of GameRefinery’s SaaS tools.

Measuring success

The Clik Dashboard is able to test a game’s marketability and monitors retention rates. To be eligible for prizes in the challenge, a developer’s game must pass specific metrics in both of these areas.

The highest prize is $35,000. Companies that refer another developer to the challenge are also entitled to a $500 payment and, if the referred developer’s game launches commercially by July 16 2022, the company that referred might be entitled to a payment of $50,000.

CrazyLabs head of publishing Shai Sasson commented: "2021 has seen an astronomical rise in hypercasual mobile games, and the market has become even more competitive and saturated. Now, more than ever, studios need a publisher that provides the right toolkit and dedicated team to help them better ideate, prototype, test and analyse the game data, in real-time and with full transparency."

Last month, CrazyLabs partnered with Africa-based Carry1st and Jyväskylä Game Industry Hub to host hypercasual game jam Game of Thrones Jam.

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