Kongregate announce NFT-fuelled Bitverse

Three titles revealed for the retro-styled metaverse

Kongregate announce NFT-fuelled Bitverse

Browser and now-blockchain games firm Kongregate has announced the Bitverse, a collection of Web3 games soon to launch in an 8-bit esque universe.

Building upon nostalgia with its art style, the Bitverse will initially consist of three games: the MMORPG Bit Heroes, battle royale shooter Bit Heroes Arena, and a currently undisclosed title.

Each game in the Bitverse is going to feature unique game mechanics and gameplay whilst featuring within the same metaverse and will utilise a combination of fungible and non-fungible tokens. A user’s unique avatar will in itself be an NFT playable across titles, with the first set to enter presale in Q2 this year.

"Imagine a world where players no longer lose their unique character or digital identity when they want to switch from one game to the next. Instead, players have a larger universe of games to explore that leverage the progress, time and experience they have accrued playing their favourite game," said Kongregate CTO Max Murphy.

Retro realm

This new metaverse was originally inspired by one of the games that will feature within it: Bit Heroes. The 2016 title already has a retro style and the developer expects its pre-established lore to help tackle any game genre in the Bitverse.

"The long-term goal of the Bitverse is to create a metaverse of cross-platform games united by the blockchain, with an NFT ‘bit hero’ that players can use in every game,” said Kongregate senior director of product Jorge G. Ezquerra.

"With Bit Heroes' retro vibes, our intention is to create a sense of nostalgia by returning to what Kongregate does best - bringing a community of gamers and developers together to create games with each other.”

We spoke recently with Susan Cummings, CEO of Tiny Rebel Games’ Petaverse Network, about whether Nintendogs is the ideal model for blockchain gaming.

Kongregate also recently unveiled its upcoming blockchain game Blood Vessels, which will be launched through a partnership with Immutable X and will feature playable vampire NFTs.

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