Netflix mobile games exceed 13 million downloads

Subscription service titles have seen five million downloads since January 2022

Netflix mobile games exceed 13 million downloads

Sensor Tower has revealed that Netflix-published mobile games have generated more than 13 million downloads globally across both the App Store and Google play markets – an increase of five million since January 2022.

Netflix Games has published 24 mobile titles, which range from IP tie-ins, new and service-exclusive titles, and previously released titles such as Moonlighter.

Stranger Things 1984 is the publisher’s most popular title, with close to two million downloads. Hot on its heels is Netflix Asphalt Xtreme, with 1.8 million installs, and Stranger Things 3: The Game coming in third place with 1.5 million downloads.

However, these estimates don’t include downloads of the original release of BonusXP’s Stranger Things: The Game, which generated 13.8 million downloads prior to its removal from the App Store and Google Play in 2021.
Since entering the market, downloads for Netflix games have ramped up to over one million a month, with 2.3 million in December 2021 alone, and 1.4 million in May 2022.

Netflix to delve into IP treasure chest

Although Netflix has published both licensed and original titles, its adaptations of existing IP’s have proven key to the company’s strategy in the games market. Both Stranger Things titles saw a surge in downloads around the release of the first half of the show’s fourth season on May 27, with a combined total of over 198,000 installs between May 27 and June 2.

The streaming company has also made acquisitions for in-house development, including Next Games, which has generated 43 million downloads and earned approximately $187 million from its portfolio of mobile titles, including 29.4 million downloads for their top game, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.

Although Netflix is primarily known for its streaming service, its presence in the games space is opening up vital new revenue streams to compete in the increasingly crowded streaming market, with new titles based on IPs such as The Queen’s Gambit and Shadow and Bone having recently been revealed.

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