FunPlus and UFC partner up on State of Survival

MMA is coming to the popular mobile game

FunPlus and UFC partner up on State of Survival

State of Survival developer FunPlus has announced they’re integrating mixed martial arts into the game through a partnership with UFC®.

“We’re thrilled to partner for the second time with UFC to bring elements of this spectacular combat sport to the world of State of Survival. Since launching State of Survival in August 2019, we have always sought out the most original and high impact partners to keep State of Survival players engaged, and we’re excited to see these two worlds collide with a great array of new content,” says FunPlus Chief Business Officer Chris Petrovic.

This marks the latest collaboration between State of Survival and an established franchise, following successful crossovers with The Walking Dead and Batman. The company’s collaboration with The Walking Dead in October 2021 saw more than 20 million new users install the game.

Throughout the event, users will be able to interact with the UFC franchise within the confines of the game, including new in-game States based on UFC arenas throughout the world and themed skins for their avatars.
Players will also be able to receive gifts including three free heroes, avatars, and online tickets to the upcoming UFC 277.

“For several years, the UFC has been closely linked to the world of video games and this collaboration with FunPlus in State of Survival creates another new way to experience MMA content in a totally original virtual setting,” says UFC's Vice President Nick Smith. “State of Survival is already full of a team of heroes and true fighters, so we’re excited to see how existing and new State of Survival players interact with the UFC themes in-game.”

Collaborations between businesses and mobile game developers are becoming increasingly common. Earlier this year, British supermodel Kate Moss was incorporated into the metaverse fashion game Drest.



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