Amber Studios acquires additional $20m of investment to expand company

The Romanian mobile game development company has received a significant additional investment from a London-based fund.

Amber Studios acquires additional $20m of investment to expand company

Amber Studios, a mobile game development company founded in Bucharest, Romania back in 2014 has seen a large new investment of $20m USD. This money comes at a $190m post-money valuation, which is a valuation calculated after investment. The investment came from a fund advised by London-based Emona Capital LLP.

Amber Studios most recently saw the opening of new studios in Guadalajara, Mexico and Montreal, Canada. This investment marks a further opportunity for expansion onto the global stage, with the company already having 1200 employees worldwide.

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CEO of Amber Jaime Giné praised the fund in the announcement, “With Emona, we share the goals for Amber’s future – one that is focused on key stakeholders, our clients and our teams, and built on a promise always to deliver quality through incremental and breakthrough innovation.” Amber clearly already has plans to utilise the investment to grow their operations worldwide. The announcement indicated, “The purpose of the expansion is to expand the range of services offered and introduce new game genre specialisations.”

Chairman Mihai Pohontu also gave some idea of what Amber’s next moves will be, “This is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Amber, one that will see us extending our network of studios to cover all genres and platforms, while reinforcing our studio service capabilities.” Whether this will be an expansion into other parts of the globe, such as Asia or the Middle-East, or a further investment into Europe and America is unknown at this point.

Amber has seen impressive financial success that likely went a long way to securing investor confidence and money. As we recently reported, the studio invested in opening a Warsaw studio this year and saw profits of $30.5m. The studio has collaborated with major companies such as Amazon and Disney, and at this point, with such phenomenal success we may be seeing the rise of another major global player in the mobile games industry.

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