Razer unveils new details for Edge 5G device which will be compatible with thousands of games

In the reveal for the full device at Razercon 2022, the Razer Edge was shown in full, including specs and prices.

Razer unveils new details for Edge 5G device which will be compatible with thousands of games

Over the past weekend, Razer unveiled their new Razer Edge 5g device in full at Razercon 2022 in a dedicated keynote address. According to a press release from the site businesswire the Edge is set to be launched in January of 2022. The collaboration between Razer, Qualcomm and telecommunications company Verizon boasts of exceptional cloud gaming quality via the use of 5g mobile internet. Razer have been especially eager to tout the availability of AAA releases via console cloud gaming services.

“From day-one, the Razer Edge 5G will have thousands of AAA games compatible with the device, whether it be native Android games and pre-installed launchers like Epic Games (Fortnite and Rocket League Sideswipe), cloud streaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) and Nvidia GeForce Now, or remote play options offering full access to PC libraries like Steam Link, Moonlight, Parsec, and Xbox,” the press release noted. For those worried about what would be available to play on a device like the Razer Edge, this is likely to boost confidence in the value of the device to gamers.

Blunt Razer

What may concern some buyers, however, is that the pricing for the Razer Edge 5g remains unannounced, but a Wi-fi version has been confirmed via Razer’s website at an MSRP (Manufacturer’s Recommended Sales Price) of $399 (approx. £350). Given that the Edge is being sold on the benefit of the higher-performance 5g offers this may prove to be a significant oversight. As of yet, all that’s known is that it will be, “Available exclusively from Verizon,” according to the businesswire press release. Whether this will be standalone or part of a data plan is not yet clear.

Razer has also not mentioned much about the device’s use for regular phone functionality. However, given that it runs on the Android OS it’s safe to assume this sort of usage is intended. The controller which we earlier speculated upon is not integrated into the device itself but is instead an attachment, the Kishi V2 Pro that is packaged as-standard with the Edge. The Founders Edition also comes bundled with a Razer Hammerhead True Wireless headset, although this will cost an additional $100.

Despite the price-tag, Razer may have a fairly impressive device on their hands. Whereas services like the ill-fated Stadia relied on their own bespoke storefront and subscription system, Razer are pinning their hopes squarely on an impressive catalogue of compatible, existing cloud gaming services.

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