Miniclip expands Miniclip Netherlands in move to new offices in Zoetermeer

Miniclip has expanded and moved Gamebasics, now Miniclip Netherlands, to purpose-designed refurbished offices in the city of Zoetermeer

Miniclip expands Miniclip Netherlands in move to new offices in Zoetermeer

Clarification: We had originally indicated Miniclip Netherlands had been rebranded as part of their move to a new studio, this is not the case. The article has been corrected

Miniclip has been historically one of the major players in the once thriving world of browser gaming, and now a formidable presence in the mobile gaming space as well. Their expansion into mobile gaming has also come with the opening of new studios and major acquisitions. Earlier this year Miniclip opened its fifth office in Lisbon, Portugal, and has now that their recently acquired studio Gamebasics, now known as Miniclip Netherlands, will move into a new, refurbished office in the city of Zoetermeer purposely-designed to accommodate the now 70 person strong studio.

CEO of Miniclip, Saad Choudri said of the move, “We’re extremely proud of the work that Miniclip Netherlands has produced so far. Since the acquisition, we’ve rapidly deepened our relationship, in no small part due to our shared collaborative approach to culture and our passion for games.”

What does this mean for Miniclip?

Miniclip has recently moved it's business entirely to mobile, after the shutdown of their iconic flash games website. A move that was inevitable given their lucrative titles such as 8 Ball Pool. The investment into the local community and interest from city governance is also a great indicator of how the opening and growth mobile studios is seen for the local economy.

Choudri also indicated that other studios will continue to operate independently under Miniclip's ownership "While Gamebasics chose to become a fully integrated branch of Miniclip, as Miniclip Netherlands, we work flexibly with all our acquired studios to maximise their success. Some want to retain complete autonomy, while others want to become an official Miniclip studio. In comparison, the SYBO team will remain completely autonomous, with our support to nourish the studio in order to create even more amazing games for players."

Miniclip's acquisition of Sybo was one of the most notable of the year. Miniclip’s string of acquisitions and continued expansion have also seen them as an entrant on our Top 50 Game Makers of 2022 list.

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