Imagination Technologies reveals IMG DXT: an immersion-boosting GPU for mobile games

The new GPU has 2.25 teraflops at FP32

Imagination Technologies reveals IMG DXT: an immersion-boosting GPU for mobile games

UK-based chip designer Imagination Technologies has revealed its newest GPU for mobile games, the IMG DXT. It has been designed with ray-tracing features and aims to improve immersion within mobile gaming via enhancing the realism of graphics.

The IMG DXT is the latest in the company’s GPU catalogue, which includes 2019’s AXT GPU series, 2020’s BXT and more. This new model reportedly has 50 percent more performance than the last gen of GPUs.

A set of specifications

Last year, Imagination introduced ray-tracing features for mobile where these were once the province of high-end desktop and console GPUs. The IMG DXT specifically has 2.25 teraflops at FP32, 72 gigatexels per second and 9.0 TOPS AI performance. Other models in the DXT range vary from 256 gigaflops to the aforementioned 2.25 teraflops.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Imagination Technologies VP of technology Kristof Beets said: "Quality on its own is not enough. We also need to delivery enough performance for that gaming. So how do we get high enough frame rates? The problem in mobile, of course, is that it is a battery-drive product.

"We’re enabling more performance at higher density. The elements are more about how to bring ray tracing to the mass market."

In 2020, Apple agreed to a new multi-year deal with Imagination Technologies in order to utilise the latter’s intellectual property. The deal replaced an earlier license agreement dating back to 2014.

With analytics companies like GlobalData predicting that the games industry will be worth $470 billion by 2030, and that mobile games will contribute over half of that alone, it is perhaps inevitable that GPU power previously exclusive to PC and console will continue making its way across to mobile.

Even after 2022 saw the first drop in mobile gaming revenue, there are still many taking an optimistic perspective towards the future of the industry.

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