Casual games drew almost 28% of all game advertisers last year

A new report by SocialPeta delves into the state of mobile marketing in 2022

Casual games drew almost 28% of all game advertisers last year

SocialPeta has released a new report delving into the mobile gaming marketing landscape in 2022.

The number of quarterly average advertisers grew 17.5 percent compared to 2021, with more than 37 thousand advertisers captured every quarter. Between them, these advertisers created an average of nearly 12 million creatives, a fall of 15.9 percent year-on-year. Despite this, there was a stable quarter-on-quarter growth of 7 percent throughout the year.

The casual genre saw the bulk of advertisers, with 27.87 percent of advertisers working with such games, an increase of 2.94 percent compared to 2021, the most significant growth of any genre. This was followed by puzzle (12 percent, +0.59 percent) and simulation (9.27 percent, +0.91 percent.) Adventure titles drew the least attention from advertisers of the listed genres, at 3.86 percent. However, the arcade genre saw the steepest decline, falling 1.64 percent to 6.09 percent year-on-year.

Casual titles also dominated in terms of the number of creatives, rising 4.74 percent to 22.69 percent. Only one other genre, puzzle, saw an increase, climbing 0.27 percent to 12.86 percent, the second highest number of all creatives. RPG, which saw the third-highest proportion of creatives at 11.36 percent, also saw the steepest decline (2.34 percent year-on-year.

Board games saw the smallest number of creatives of the listed genres, at 3.09 percent.

Advertising success

North America contributed the most advertisers, with an average of over 18 thousand. This was 25 percent higher than the second place, Europe, with Oceania close behind.

In contrast, Asia and South East Asia dominated in terms of the highest average number of ad creatives. Each advertiser in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan placed an average of 300 pieces of ad material per month, with South East Asia close behind at 292. This was followed by Japan and South Korea (281) and the Middle East (272).

iOS recorded continuous advertising growth throughout the year, with an average of 267. However, Android saw a 33 percent higher proportion of advertising material.

A report by Tenjin and GameAnalytics released earlier this week shows that median CPI is at an all-time high as app marketers adapt to changes in IDFA regulations.

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