Yahaha Studios’ Global Game Jammers created 80 games in 48 hours

Yahaha played host to 110 jammers in Helsinki to create the country’s biggest hybrid-jam

Yahaha Studios’ Global Game Jammers created 80 games in 48 hours

User generated content platform Yahaha Studios has celebrated its first successful participation in 2023’s Global Game Jam (GGJ).

Throughout the 2023 Global Game Jam, which took place from January 30 to February 5, saw 40 thousand jammers worldwide creating a combined 7600 games. The ceremony also included speakers from GGJ Ukraine and Code to Inspire, an organisation which aims to bring STEM education to women in Afghanistan.

During the event, Yahaha hosted 110 people live at their site in Helsinki over the course of 48 hours, making it the country’s biggest hybrid-jam site. The jammers created 80 games, collaborating both on-site and through the online community, with some of the games created receiving as many as 34 thousand plays to date.

“It was a real pleasure to work with GGJ this year and to see so many game developers’ ideas blossom in YAHAHA,” said Yahaha Studios COO Pengfei Zhang. “Being able to provide a physical, as well as online, space for jammers really created a sense of community amongst everyone, and we’re excited to continue our work with GGJ in the form of a long-term partnership to keep bringing YAHAHA to people around the world and pursue our mission to democratise 3D games content creation.”

Success through collaboration

Discussing the partnership, GGJ executive director Tim Cullings stated““We were happy to work with YAHAHA on the 2023 Global Game Jam. GGJ is all about giving everyone the opportunity to make games and the YAHAHA platform enables anyone with an idea to get it working quickly with minimal training and experience.”

“We saw over 100 games created with YAHAHA world-wide this year and I only expect that number to grow as the platform becomes more robust and people learn how it can be an extremely useful tool for game jams, prototyping, and building fully featured games. We look forward to a long-term partnership between GGJ and YAHAHA going forward and hope that our community will continue to use and support the platform after the jam.”

Yahaha recently secured a $40 million to build on the success of its early alpha, and is currently open to early adopters. The company expects to continue its partnership with GGJ in the future.

Last month, Yahaha Studios announced 3D search tool Asset Ovi.

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