Subscrible raises $300,000 to launch ad-free mobile games platform

Start-up aims to reduce UA costs and provide “uninterrupted” gaming

Date Type Companies involved Size
May 13th, 2024 investment Subscrible $0.3m
Subscrible raises $300,000 to launch ad-free mobile games platform

New start-up Subscrible has raised $300,000 to launch a new ad-free games catalogue that aims to reduce user acquisition costs and provide “uninterrupted” game experiences.

The app, available on Google Play, is free to download and acts as a discovery hub for games. It currently has more than 15,000 users and includes titles such as Archero, Asphalt, Fantastic Jewel Lost Kingdom, and more. The start-up has also partnered with games commerce company Xsolla on the platform.

The company is backed by angel investments and plans to close a new round of funding over the coming months. Its team includes Isratourist CMO Evgeny Unegovsky as CEO and former Playrix UA manager Igor Diev.

New avenue for UA

To install an app, players click on the game they want and are then directed to the Google Play store to make the download itself. These titles are then added to their Subscrible library.

Subscrible said it differs from the likes of Multiscription, Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass as the platform is completely free to use. It described the app as operating as an ‘offerwall’ monetisation tool, designed to improve the player experience by removing “disruptive” ads, while helping lower UA costs for publishers and increasing user engagement.

Subscrible acquires users itself to the platform, and then charges publishers less than the initial acquisition price, instead spreading the costs across various developers as players play multiple games.

Removing intrusive ads

The start-up said that while games companies spend as much as $27 billion on UA campaigns, only 10% of this investment is recouped as revenue - “primarily through non-intrusive advertising formats”.

"Intrusive ads, which players universally dislike, make up a small percentage of revenue in quality games,” said Subscrible CEO and co-founder Evgeny Unegovsky

“By cutting acquisition costs by even 20%, we can triple the profit margins for game developers. This approach not only maximises efficiency but also aligns with consumer preferences for minimal ad interruptions, enhancing overall user satisfaction.”

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