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Nintendo and Niantic facing lawsuit over Pokemon GO trespassers

Is Pokemon GO encouraging trespass, and is it profiting from it?
Nintendo and Niantic facing lawsuit over Pokemon GO trespassers
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Jeffrey Marder of New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo, The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs on the grounds that Pokemon GO is encouraging its players to trespass.

Niantic has placed Pokestops and Pokemon Gyms on private property without the consent of the land owner, Marder argues, which has resulted in strangers flocking to his backyard.

Plagued by Pidgeys

Marder's case also appeals on behalf of many other properties that have suffered similar Pokemon GO-related issues, including the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

"To create that immersive world, Niantic made unauthorised use of Plaintiff’s and other Class members’ property by placing Pokestops and Pokemon gyms thereupon or nearby," the suit claims.

"In so doing, Niantic has encouraged Pokemon GO’s millions of players to make unwanted incursions onto the properties of Plaintiff and other members of the class - a clear and ongoing invasion of their use and enjoyment of their land from which Defendants have profited and continue to profit."

Don't say didn't warn you, though - we already explained why a lawsuit against Niantic was only a matter of time here.

The lawsuit was filed on 29 July, and Niantic, The Pokemon Company, and Nintendo have 21 days to respond.

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