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Nintendo faces another Joy-Con lawsuit, this time in Canada

A class-action lawsuit has been filed due to Joy-Con drift issues
Nintendo faces another Joy-Con lawsuit, this time in Canada
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Nintendo has been hit with yet another class-action lawsuit in regards to its Joy-Con controllers.

However, this case comes from Canada. Montréal-based law firm Lambert Avocat Inc is behind the new filing.

As with all other lawsuits the Japanese firm is facing, this one cites drift issues with the Nintendo Switch gamepads.

“In November 2017, our client bought a Nintendo Switch gaming system,” reads the filing.

“After 11 months of using it, she noticed that her left Joy-Con controller was defective. Her character would move in a direction without her input, a problem known as the ‘Joy-Con Drift.’”

The filing also notes that the client finds the defect to compromise her use of the console.

Furthermore, the law firm has called for any consumer affected by Joy-Con drift issues in Québec to come forward.

Drifting away

Nintendo has been hit left, right and centre with lawsuits since 2019 regarding its controllers.

In October 2020, a mother and son duo decided to take legal action against the Japanese games giant, while the following month a new case was filed in Seattle, Washington.

However, Nintendo has since claimed that the issues consumers are facing with Joy-Cons are not “a real problem.”

Last month, nine EU countries - Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Slovakia - decided to band together to investigate the Joy-Con drift issues.