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Nokia phones produce highest mobile ad CTR

Beats iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile
Nokia phones produce highest mobile ad CTR

Generally these days when we hear about mobile advertising penetration we think of the iPhone, given all the ad-supported apps out there.

But mobile advertising company Smaato has put out new data showing the iPhone to be second in the high ad hitters, beaten out by Symbian handsets by quite a high margin. Nokia's range of handsets pulled in a score of 161 on Smaato's December click-through rates scale, while iPhone came in second place at 119.

Close to iPhone is Windows Mobile with a score of 112, while Android finds itself a long way down the list at just 65. Rather surprisingly, last place is reserved for BlackBerry, which doesn't even measure up with Palm and its single handset.

However, Smaato predicts Android will see the highest improvement in terms of mobile advertising CTR in 2010, expecting it to take 10 per cent of the market by the end of the year.