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Nordeus releases open source push notification system Pushkin

Free for all
Nordeus releases open source push notification system Pushkin

Does anyone love push notifications?

Personally speaking, there's only one that made me laugh out loud - well done Futureplay and Farm Away - but that's the content end of the process.

Aside from what a push notification says, there are the technical issues of how you send them, and how holistic is that system in terms of what's actually going on the game.

Kicking off

It's an issue Top Eleven developer Nordeus has been considering indepth.

Partly that's because it's found push notifications are important in terms of informing Top Eleven players about the success (or otherwise) of player transfers: a key part of the meta-game.

Yet, it found that the technicalities of setting up and sending push notifications were getting in the way.

So, being technical types, it's come up with an all-new system.

Called Pushkin (get it!), it's integrated into Top Eleven so the game logic and event s can run the push notifications directly.

But, more importantly, it's an open source project, which means all other developers can freely check out the codebase and see if it's something that would work for them.

Currently supporting iOS and Android, Nordeus expects to extend this to Chrome and Facebook in future.

You can read more information about how the project started here or go direct here