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Must see mobile talks at Nordic Game 2014

We select our potential highlights
Must see mobile talks at Nordic Game 2014

Nordic Game, Scandanavia’s legendary games conference, is back on the 21-23 May in the heart of beautiful Malmo, Sweden.

And best of all, it looks to be loaded with talks that will appeal to the mobile-minded among you.

Mobile highlights

On Day one, you’ll have the chance to hear from Ryan Payton of Camouflaj, who’ll be talking about his hit episodic stealth game Republique and the battle for brilliant narrative games.

Mike Bithell will be kicking things off on Day 2 with a talk about developing in Unity merely a week after the release of Thomas Was Alone on iPad, while Kim Nordstrom of King and Oscar Clark will be bringing their best talks to town in the afternoon.

Discover Monument Valley's secrets
Discover Monument Valley's secrets

And on the third and final day, Peter Pashley, tech director of ustwo games, will be discussing their breakout indie hit Monument Valley, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to hear about how this minimalist masterpiece conquered the charts.

Discover more while you can

Of course that’s far from the only reason to attend.

With a huge UK delegation mooted to turn up, dozens of other talks to attend and events every evening, including the Pocket Gamer Mobile Mixer on the 20 May, Nordic Game 2014 will be an excellent way to spend three days learning about the industry.

If you want to pick up tickets, you’ve not got much time left to book and organise your trip but you can begin the process by buying them here.

But if you can’t make it never fear –'s intrepid writer Chris Kerr will be there penning write ups and asking questions so make sure you check us next week to hear all the latest news from the conference.