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Now's the time to sign up to our Appstore for Android, recommends Amazon

Get GameCircle, Coins, AWS and massive reach
Now's the time to sign up to our Appstore for Android, recommends Amazon
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On day one of the Mobile Games Forum 2014 in London, Amazon's head of content acquisition (Mobile Initiatives) Daniel Winner confirmed the giant e-retailer is "only just getting started" in the mobile space.

Two years after opening for business, the Amazon Appstore for Android is home to 100,000 games and apps and is available in 200 territories.

But why should existing and prospective mobile developers look to bolster Amazon's shelves exactly?

"With our heritage of selling physical products, we have gained insight into customer behaviour," Winner said.

Big reach

Speaking of which, the Seattle-HQ company can boast an enormous worldwide reach - 200 million active global customers. Oh, and the small matter of 12.9 million daily unique visitors in the US.

Winner stressed that the still-young Amazon Appstore serves as a "bridge to connect" that huge userbase with digital software.

And he argued Amazon is better placed to do that than most.

"Amazon has a track record of getting products in front of the right customers. We have a world-famous recommendation engine," he said.

As such, Amazon has legitimate merchandising credentials, plus automation and personalisation expertise.

IAP behaviour

In addition, if you hadn't noticed, in-app purchase adoption is rising. In this sphere, Amazon has some news.

After carrying out research into making effective revenue on its digital marketplace, Amazon discovered that the number of customer sessions is more important than session length.

In fact, Winner revealed that more than half of revenue from its digital store is derived 7 days after initial download.

He was also keen to promote the virtues of its relatively recently launched GameCircle network.

Put simply, he claimed "developers who adopt it make more money. GameCircle drives higher ARPU - the conversion rate is 38 percent greater in games with GameCircle support than those without."

Coining it

Another way to drive increased downloads - and revenues - on Amazon's digital emporium is through Amazon Coins, the firm's virtual currency for redemption on Kindle Fire devices. Through Amazon Coins-related purchases, developers benefit from the same 70 percent revenue split.

One last thing... if you're keen to accelerate your Amazon Appstore business, take a look at the Amazon Developer Select program.

Want access to dedicated merchandising slots, $500,000 worth of free mobile ad impressions, and 25 percent credit on qualifying AWS services?

In that context, Winner's personal recommendation engine suggests you sign up for the Developer Select program right now.