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Oculus SDK update now supports Unity Free for virtual reality games

Experimental Linux support also being rolled out
Oculus SDK update now supports Unity Free for virtual reality games

Oculus VR's growing list of developers have just received notification that an update to the virtual reality device's SDK is available, and now includes support for the free version of the popular game development platform, Unity.

A range of the usual bug fixes and other new features are also included, but this is pretty big news for the smaller studios and indies who are likely already making good use of Unity Free in building their games.

No more pro

Prior to version 0.4.3 Beta of the Oculus VR SDK, developers were required to own a Pro license for Unity in order to integrate the virtual reality features of the Rift HMD, which runs in the region of $1,500.

The dropping of this requirement is likely to encourage a lot of devs to switch their current 3D projects over to VR, or at least make a VR version available alongside standard releases.

This news comes shortly after a rumour began circulating that Unity rival Unreal Engine 4 was to be bundled for all Oculus Rift developers, as the two platforms battle it out to become the engine of choice for VR gaming.

Also included in the new SDK is experimental support for the open-source operating system Linux, which is good news for desktop game developers and users alike.

Oculus Rift Unity Free support requires Unity 4.5.5 and up, so make sure your engine is up to date before you crack on with your exciting new VR projects.

Via RoadtoVR